Saturday, June 16, 2007

Going to Georgia.......NOT the state

We went to Georgia about 2 weeks ago. It was fun, but unfortunately, we went on a train instead of an airplane......

The Train was gross. It looked like it hadn't been cleaned out since it was built. There were 4 bunks, two on top and two on the bottom. There was a foldout table and a disgusting window. When we first got on the train and into the cabin,Cole said "I wish I could live in here my entire life", he changed his mind in a little bit. Once the train finally got started, we ate. Armine had made some meat and potato things which we ate. We also had brought cheese, bread, eggs(for in the morning), coke, juice, water, beef jerky and maybe a few other things I can't remember.

After we ate, the boys wanted to put the bunks down(mom had put them up when we got on) and mom said just one. We put it down, and started to play on it. It was fun to play on the bunk, but got tiring. I liked to just lay down and look out the window, but the bunk was to small for all of us to fit on it. Cole and Austin liked to go up and down...It got VERY annoying.

Soon we figured out there was no electricity...I started to read Eldest immediately. We played a little bit more and then Austin said "I need to go to the bathroom" Mom took him to the bathroom. There is only one word for it DISGUSTING. I am going to start describing it so skip the next paragraph if you don't want to know about it.

The Bathroom was gross. There was pee all over the walls and you wouldn't want to touch anything. It was small but there was a sink, toilet and a hole in the floor for something. The sink didn't work and the toilet didn't flush...gross.

Luckily, we had brought a pee jar so we wouldn't have to go in the bathroom. Cole and Austin went in the bathroom and I looked in it. Mom of course had to go in the bathroom with the boys.

After that we played some more on the bunks. Then mom went to go get the sheets and blankets. She said the sheet guy was asleep so she just grabbed them. Mom just wanted to throw the sheets and blankets on the bunk, but I decided to make the bunk up. Then the electricity came on and mom decided to read Captain Underpants and Shiloh to the boys who were on the top bunks. I read Eragon outside of our compartment for awhile. I came back in and then I got into bed. After mom was finished reading to the boys, we all went to bed. I was really cold while I kind of slept. Cole and Austin and I got sleep, but mom didn't.

In the morning, we ate eggs and sweet bread. We stopped at the borders about 5:00 on the Armenian side for about 2 hours and then on the Georgian side for another 2 hours. While we were on the Georgian side, we fed a dog one egg who looked like it had been in a fight. A big while later we were moving again. Before we got to Georgia, Tblisi, I had to go pee. I decided not to use the toilet, but to use the pee jar, so I told everyone to get out of the room. I finally went, and I filled the jar up halfway full, I had to pee ALOT. We finally got to tblisi.

I will write more about Tblisi later, but I think it is mom's turn to write.

The pictures are of us eating on the train, Austin and I waiting for the train, and the boys on the bunk.


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Suzanne/Nana said...

Dear Madisen, I loved reading about your trip to Tiblisi. I am coming to see you all in about 5 weeks and can't wait to see you. I love you all. Nana