Sunday, November 11, 2007

Help almost here

Hi everyone. Some of you already know this, but many of you don't. I let our nanny go about 2 weeks ago. My boss, Sonya, was incredibly understanding and agreed to let me work from home. The plan was that I would work in the morning while the boys were at school and at night when they were asleep. The plan hit a snag the very first day because it was fall break and there was no school for a week. So, I adjusted: work in the morning while the boys' brains were turning to partial mush watching cartoons in German. The second week I woke up estactic because school was in session. We got up, dressed, and I happily walked them to school. Cole Ryan goes into his classroom without any problems. Austin's classroom door is locked. Another mom explains (I think) that there were no classes for another week. Another modification: take Austin with me to work everyday. And, I had to deal with CR's very indignant whines of "it's not fair that I have to go to school when Austin doesn't." (Note, when Madisen had school and Cole did not, there were no whines from Cole; pointing this out to him seems to only increase his whine factor as he struggles to differentiate it). Luckily, Austin liked going to my office, printing out coloring pages, coloring, cutting paper, and playing computer games. I actually got work done.

The best part is this upcoming week: Nov. 12. My sister Lisa, two nephews, Nadeem and Gabriel, are arriving Wednesday night. My brother-in-law, Hassan, will arrive on Saturday night. We are all so excited that they are coming! Not only are they bringing such necessities as shoes for Cole (thanks, Mom), pancake syrup, tortilla chips, and hot cocoa, but they are also staying for 2 weeks to see Armenia, watch the football match (soccer game) "Armenia v. Khazahkstan", see the Armenian philharmonic orchestra, and check out lots of very old churches and monastaries. Cole and Austin cannot wait to play with their cousins (and not go to school) and I am so excited to see and talk to Lisa and Hassan.

I found a babysitter who is starting tomorrow afternoon. Nana (pronounced "nahnah") has even agreed to watch all 4 kids. Freedom! We are going to the genocide museum and the brandy factory - two places that wouldn't be good with the kids.

And the icing on the cake: Lisa and Hassan very generously offered to take Cole and Austin back to the States with them. While all four boys will have their individual gameboys, books, activities, etc., this 30+ hour plane trip (much of it standby) will not be easy. Tom and I really appreciate Lisa and Hassan's volunteering to do this and we hope their sanity is not completely shot when they return home.

Here's a picture of Cole, Austin, and me with Mt. Ararat behind us.

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