Monday, August 13, 2007

Animals of Armenia and my last post

I am coming home in 6 days with my nana(if we get on all the flights)! I was supposed to be the only one coming home, but something happened with the tickets so now Cole may come home with me. I don't want Cole to come home. I will email everyone the pictures.

The dogs of Armenia. There are ALOT of them. First I will tell you about Rex. Rex is a German Shepard. He is owned by our Landlord. He lives in a 6x2 foot cage. He eats bread and water. Rex has NOTHING to play with, so when he gets bored he plays with his water bowl, and sometimes knocks the water out. My grandmother feels so sorry for him. When she came brought some bones up for him, he loved those.

We saw a dog in a church. I don't think he has a name, and I decided to call him Shiloh(After our Guinea pig that died). Shiloh was very cute. We fed him 3 beef jerky strips. He even rolled over so we could rub his belly which mom said later that that ment he trusted us.

We saw turtles on the street there were baby ones. We all held one.

We don't have a picture of this dog, but she was so cute! We saw her at the gas station. She was black and just getting her teeth in. We gave her some bread to chew on, and she loved it. She also rolled over on her back.

The dog with her puppies we saw in Georgia(not the state, the country). Alot of people fed her, I guess because her puppies were so cute. 1 time when we were walking by, she got up and left her puppies. We got to touch them. I went to go look for the mother, and she was sitting behind a homeless woman. I think the woman was very kind to the dog, and looked after her.

We also saw kittens. They were in the garage by our house. They were so cute! I can't really explain them, but their eyes were not opened. Cole is holding it when it is more grown.

We went to the zoo twice. It was small and was your average day zoo, until we came to the lions and tigers. The cages were so close that you could literally reach out and touch them. They did not have very much room, while the horses had alot. There was also a mother with her cubs.

There are alot more animals here, but there are so many I can't explain everything. Here is one more thing.

On the way to school there was a puppy and a dog. The puppy was half way across the street when a car came. The puppy stopped, and then made its way to the other side of the street while the dog crossed the street with the kids who were crossing the street with a crossing guard.

1 more thing. Piglets. We saw some piglets. This is the last picture. Aren't they cute? We saw them nursing but did not take a picture of that.


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