Friday, August 24, 2007

Madisen is back in Texas

I am in Dallas (Arlington to be exact). I got in Tuesday at 2. Guess the suprieses we got.

First of all, We were getting on the flight to heathro. When we are in the air, a guy sitting next to us tells us the plane is going to SYRIA. Yeah. We think we got on the wrong flight, but we didn't. A plane broke down and we had to pick up the crew and some passengers. This took a little while, about an hour. So everyone is late for our flight, including us.

Once we get to Heathro, we get on a flight to Boston Logan. Me and my nana fly on first class. I sleep about 4 hours. The flight attendents stuff us up with food, I thought I ate a little to much.

Once we get to Boston we want to stay at the Hilton, the closest hotel. They don't have any availible rooms, when we waited about 20 mins. for the shuttle to pick us up. A guy owns a box of rooms and he happens to have an open one. We stay in that. It is nice, but guess how much it is. $249. We get up in the morning and want to eat. It is not included with the room. So I have a muffin while nana has coffe.

We fly to Laguardia, in NY. We get on the second flight to Dallas.

That is all about our trip.


From Lori: she is now back with Tom and very happy to see him and Daisy. We miss her.

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