Sunday, March 4, 2007

Today, Seeing a Russian play

Here are 3 pictures. The pictures are of the boys sitting waiting for the play to start, us at the restraunt but you can't see me very well and there is one more with the boys playing outside with the landlords dog in the background. Hope you like them!!!

We saw a Russian play today. The play I think was about a princess trying to find a prince or something like that. It seemed funny to the people who could understand it, but we couldn't. It was about 1 hour long, and my feet fell asleep. It was a kids play. There were only 5 actors, and there were not very many props. It was very small compared to the play my school preformed, Little Orphan Annie.

After the play we went to square1, a restraunt. On our there we saw a movie theater, but I don't think there was any movies in English. At the restraunt we got apple pie, 4 brownies, chocoate cake, one scoop of ice cream that came with every dessert, two thik milk shakes that Cole, Austin and I shared, and Nana got some coffe while mommy got some tea. We were filled up.

We came home and played outside for a little bit, then watched some t.v. Mommy and my grandma decided to order out, so they called Mr.toaster, a pizza place. Mommy decided to order 1 4 of a kind cheese pizza, two salads and a black olive pizza. We played outside again while we were waiting for the pizza to come.

The pizza came, but mommy had to walk a little bit to get it. We started eating while mommy was complaining the there was not enough lettece in the salad. Then we ate dessert which we each had a small doughnut.


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sskilfoyle said...

im st. tibbs the cat in the spring musical yah know the cat . i miss you mad-son(even if you hate my nick name for you)ps samantha misses you to as well as everybody at the school