Friday, March 30, 2007

Lilit's house

This is a picture of Lilit and Isabella.

I went to Lilit's today. Isabella, who came to our house 2 weeks ago also came. I got picked up at half past 2(as Lilit calls it). Mom wanted to pay for the mashtrootka but we took her fathers car instead.

When I got to Lilit's house her brother, Armen was waiting, he is ten. The first thing we did was do word search puzzles. I had shown Lilit and Isabella them the last time they came to my house. After the word search puzzles we danced for the longest time, 45 minutes at least. Then we had a snack of oranges and sweet sesame seed covered peanuts. Then Lilit's mother set the table at five o' clock, (which was early for me) and we ate. Lilit's mother had made chicken, pasta, this zucchini dish and a salad. I ate all of these things except for the salad because it was not with lettuce and it began to taste funny. While we were in the middle of our meal, Lilit's mother got ready to do something. I soon learned that she had to go to classes. We then finished dinner. Once we had each finished dinner, Lilit, Isabella and I went into Lilit's room to play Barbies. We played that for what seemed like the longest time. We dressed them and did all that stuff, and then put them away. Then we danced some more, and Lilit's mother came home. After she came in, Lilit got out a microphone and a few cords, and did karaoke with Isabella in Armenian and Russian. Then we had to go, because Lilit's father was waiting for us, and he was driving Isabella and I home.

That is all the exciting stuff that happened today. I went to school and that is about it. Yesterday, there was an English test to take and I got a 4!!!(a 5 is the highest)!!! The test was asking for us to explain or show an example of proper nouns, negative sentences, interrogative sentences and stuff like that.


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grace cochran said...

I hope you like your new friends.
from grace