Monday, March 26, 2007

What is going on here


Here are a few pictures. The first one is of us having a picnic at the vernisage and eating pringals mom found at the 800 dram store(about $2.25). The second is of Lilit, me and Isabella who came over last Saterday. The third is Armine, RX and Cole.

Cole, Austin and I have been going to school, except that Cole got a week off from school while Austin and I didn't. Austin told Cole to get ready for school, but every 5 miniuts Cole would have to explain why he did not have to get ready. On Friday Austin did not ask Cole anything about school, but he did ask mom if he had to go to school or not.

During my school day I have all the classes I can't understand, like Armenian, Russian, geography, history and a couple others also. The only class I can understand is English, but a few things are confusing because they are learning british english, not American. I can understand the math but they use different signs.

For my language lessons I have finished learning the Armenian alphabet and am close to finishing the Russian alphabet. Armine(armena) the nanny and language teacher is now teaching me how too discribe things in Armenian.

We are taking care of a dog named RX, but he goes by rex. He is a pit bull and something else, he is very friendly. The landlords dog,also named rex is a german shepard and tries to jump out of his cage when ever mom takes RX to go to the bathroom. RX is leaving on Tuesday morning.

Cole and Austin have made a new friend!!! The landlords sons are being nice and friendly to Cole and Austin. One of his sons, Armen is 12 or 13 years old, he goes to the same school as Cole and I. The boys like to play with him unless they want to watch the T.V show even though they cn't understand a thing the people are saying.


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Lisa said...

I like the pictures. Can you take one of your teacher? Did y'all go hear the orchestra again? Your postings are very impressive. Keep up the good work.
Aunt Lisa