Saturday, April 21, 2007

Single parenthood

For all of you parents and even people who just want to give their opinons, feel free to inundate me with advice because I can use all the help you can give.

What exactly is the logical consequence for boys who take the wet mop that is supposed to be drying, treat it either as a broomstick (like Harry Potter) or just starting beating the cement with it thereby just about shredding it? What about a child (Austin) who throws black bean juice all over the kitchen just because it is fun? Or, a child who refuses to wear shoes just socks, goes outside, gets on a tricycle made for a two year old and goes down using his feet as brakes thereby ripping holes in his socks? (This would be Cole who has a serious sensitivity to sock seams; we are now down to 2 pairs and I know we can't get the seamless ones here.) Or my most recent favorite.... throwing water on your brother way past bedtime. Oh yes, and Madisen. She's tricky b/c she is quick to blame the boys, antagonize them, or deliberately tell them something just so they get upset (She gleefully broke the news to them that she tossed the tricyle over our wall).

I try making them clean up their messes, the tricycle disappeared, and CR struggles with not always having socks at his disposal, but I tell you, their ability to create chaos is far better than any logical consequences that I can come up with. And when there is three of them and one of me.... well let's just say that I am thrilled Tom is visiting next week. Please wish me sanity.


Susan said...

Lori — I have absolutely not advice but you have my complete sympathy. I hope having Tom there gives you a least a bit of relief and time for some relaxing. We miss you.

— Susan

gaildn said...

Having been a single parent for many years, I sympathize with your situation. What's even more difficult, is the fact that you don't have the other parent there to take the kiddos for every other weekend. Hopefully, someday, they will remember this experience and appreciate all that they learned from it. I'm sure you will!

If you tell me what kind of socks, what color, what size, and where you usually buy them, I'll be happy to shop for them and deliver them to Tom so that he can bring them when he comes to Armenia. Alternatively, if he has no extra room in his bags, I'd be happy to mail them to you. If there is anything else that you need me to shop for, please let me know. Our entire CAFA group misses you and we look forward to your return.
Love and Hugs, ~gail

Gloria & Eugene said...

Lori and Tom
All is well. It is beautiful today and Daisy has been outside for a couple of hours. She will be tired tonight.
I got email back for the armenia email address so sent to both rr addresses.
Hang in there. They will grow up and you will miss them AND get to watch them have children =)
Hugs Gloria

cousin cathy said...

Lori, I still can not believe you are in Armenia with the kids. One thing you've learned is regardless of where you live, the kids interactions with each other are unchanged. Hope the family is enjoying time with Tommy. Has he had any cookies and pudding? Be safe.