Sunday, April 15, 2007


We went to Zaghatsor again. It was fun, but it was a short trip.

Once we were in the town Zaghatsor, we went to a hotel called writers workshop. The hotel supposedly didn't have any room, so we went to another hotel. There was room in that hotel, and stayed there. Our room was big, compared to the hotel rooms at home. There was the living room, a bedroom, a room for jackets and the bathroom. The bathroom was o.k, but the thing I liked the most was the jakoosy tub. There were 3 twin beds, plus a fold out couch.

After we ate lunch of soup, mom decided that we should go see a church, at the top of a hill. After 30 minutes of resting, we went. First we had to climb up a steep road, and then walk for a little ways. On the way to the church, a dog came by probably looking for food. It looked like it was nursing. Once Cole, Austin and mom got to the church, they had to wait for me to catch up. I was wearing boots around an inch off the ground. Mom and the boys were wearing tenishoes, and they said the wished they had brought snow boots because snow was on the ground, But I wished I had brought tennishoes.

There were 3 stone churches, built in different times. They were all stoney, and dark except for the last one which was used for church sevices.

After we looked at those, we went on to the ski lift, at least a mile away and almost all uphill, my feet were aching so much after that. After walking 45-1 hour almost all uphill, we reached the ski lift, it was not moving. Mom asked a guy if he would do it for us, and he nodded. We sat down, and he took a picture, and walked away. Mom said neretseg (excuse me) and pointed to go up. He said chi, which means no. So then mom asked if it was open on Sunday, it was open from 10-3, so we walked down the hill.

I got back and started the jakoosy, and got my bathing suit on. Mom said it takes so long to fill up that we might want to go in together with our bathing suits on, so I agreed but I kind of wished I could be in there alone. After the jakoosy we ate dinner.

After dinner of chicken, we wanted something sweet. We started to walk, and then Austin got a bloody nose. All mom had was a bag, so she held it against his nose. She took it off and he looked really funny, we laughed. Then I ran back to the hotel to get a tishuo. We went walking up the steep road again, and got some cookies, chocolate and yogurt drinks for in the morning because breakfast was at 10.

Mom took a bath, the boys went to bed and I started to read. Once mom got out, she read for a little while, and I finished my book. I woke up to talking because Cole and Austin of couse were awake.

After breakfast we walked to the ski lift again, and it was moving. Mom had a 20,000 and for us to go on it was 1,000 per person. She needed change, so she went to get it. We had brought food from breakfast for some dogs, and there were 8 or 9 of them here, both puppies and adults.

We got on the ski lift and went up the mountain. It was fun but cold. We had to change seats to go back down but everything else was fine.

After that we walked back to the hotel, and went home in a taxi.

The pictures at the top are of Austins nose bleed, Mountains and buildings taken from the ski lift, us on the lift and Austin and me on the ski lift.



Christy said...

Wow Madisen,
I have loved reading your blog. It sounds like you all had a lot of fun. I hope I can come and visit in October. I miss you,
Aunt Christy

Lori, Madisen, Cole Ryan and Austin said...

I absolutly love how you write

Me (madisen)