Sunday, April 1, 2007

Our trip to Yeghegnadzor

Her are pictures of Cole, Austin and me climbing up the church's stairs. The second is of Daisy, the boys and me. The third is the boys in the meeting place. The fourth is of Austin, Cole and me in the church's entrance

This weekend we all went to Yeghegnadzor. It is a small town 2 hours out of Yerevan. We left at 11:00 and got to the town at 3:00 or 4:00.

On the way to Yeghegnadzor we stoped to look at a church. It was beautiful, built in the 1300. The thing I thought that was most interesting is that the church was 2 stories high. The stairs to get to the second floor were narrow, steep and no railing. They were about 15 to 20 feet off the ground. Mom was scared to death when we were about to go up. I was half way up when I decided to wait, and the boys and mom went ahead. They said it was beautiful upstairs. Then mom read out of her guide book saying that the church was only for men (edit by Lori: originally the whole complex - Noravank was a monastary and the ruins were begun in 1100's by a real progressive man: no women nor lewd persons were allowed).

There were 2 churches at the same place, so we looked at the next one which was built in. The church had tumbstones in it, it also had a place where the preist is.

After that I went up to the first church we saw, and went upstairs, it was beautiful.

After seeing that we kept on going to Yeghegnadzor. Once we finally got there, we went in circles to get to the homestay we were staying in. We found the homestay after asking directions from at least 5 people. The lady who ownes the homestay spoke English and had a dog named Daisy. After we got to our room she brought up these cookie things with pudding inside them, they were good.

At 5:30 the boys and I went outside to play. Mom soon came out and asked the owner if we could play with Daisy, the labrodor dog. Daisy came out and we played with her for 30 minutes. By that time it was 6:30, and we went out to eat. We orderd fish, soup,bread,and meat. It was good but the fish was boney and I did not really like the soup.

Once we got back to the homestay we played memory and progrisive rumme, then the boys went to bed while mommy read, and I wrote in the journal my friend had given me, and I read Eragon.

When we got up we had boiled eggs, tea, lebena, bread, cheese, those cookie things filled with pudding and cookies. It was all very good. Then we got ready to leave.

On our way back to Yerevan, we saw an old Jewish cemetary and a meeting place for travelers. We took a mashtrutca back to Yerevan.


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