Friday, February 9, 2007

after about a week of the new house

My room has heat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The land lord came over about two days ago with an ironing board, three reading lamps and two heaters. We had only asked for an ironing board, so the landlord did not get us an iron. The reading lamps looked very cheap. The reading lamp that I got was a very confusing and ugly one. You had to put the lamp shade in the ring and flip the shade. If you don't get what I am talking about, just igore what I said because I didn't understand until I read the directions 5 or 6 times. Mommy and nana (my grandmother) got "prettier" lamps. There were dangely beads hanging from the shade, did I mention that all the lamps were touch lamps? The heaters were put in the office and my room. The heaters are space heaters.
In this house there are interesting light fictures. In the livingroom there are bowl like shapes. Dining room, chandeleer, as you walk up the stairs there are metal balls shaped like snow flakes, mom's room which is shared with nana has tulip shaped holders, my room small chandileer and the boys room has two blue balls and two white with different light swithces.
My dad turned in my magnet school applications and I can't wait to know if I have gotten into any and which ones if I have.
For school my mom decided I am going to do a project on nuclear weapons/ nuclear bombs and also atomic bombs, like whats the difference and that kind of stuff. (From Lori: we got into a discussion about the US/USSR and how Armenia was part of the former Soviet Union, the Cold War, WMD & Iraq, etc; she had a lot of questions so I did a project - thank God for Wikipedia). I am going to start Armenian public school on monday the 11th. I will take music, art p.e and math at school. cole is taking all subjects (I think) but will do a little more at home to keep up with everyone else. Austin who is going to a preschool and he really likes it. The preschool has a dog and I think he likes that. he also likes that they bake cakes once and awhile, but while he likes this new place I am sure he misses hi old preschool (MHOC) and esspicially his friends.


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