Sunday, February 11, 2007

going out

Today was a very interesting day.

Today we went on the subway. when we got to where we were going we headed to the children's art museum. At the children's art museum, we saw children's art from around the world. Every one of the paintings, clay sculptors or rugs represent something from their country. There was beautiful art work, but the way to get to the art museum was difficult. We walked back and forth until finally we saw someone who looked like they could speak English. This lady didn't know where the art museum was but she tried to help us get there. Se asked alot of people where it was and finally we got to the museum. She was helpful because she spoke Armenian, Russian, and English, but with her e also walked in circles for a little while.

We did not do much today but we got alot of exercise.



grace cochran said...

Hi madison

I am glad you are having fun!

From grace

sskilfoyle said...

Hi you guys! It sounds so great! Let us know when you hear about cheapo tickets to Armenia--Sarah and I will go on the next plane! Everyone is happy the magnet school deadlines are past--now we are FREE until we all hear where people get in. A bit of downtime.....I wish you could be here for The Lion King this Thursday. Have fun at school you guys! love, Susie