Friday, February 2, 2007


Here are the pictures as promised. I can't upload from home - dialup takes way too long and it didn't work. Lori


gaildn said...

Hi Lori, Madisen, Cole Ryan, and Austin,
I just finished reading your latest comments. This sounds like an incredible adventure to me! I had no idea that there would be so much snow. Your snowmen are wonderful! I was also surprised to hear that you ate at a Mexican restaurant. Was it anything like Tex-Mex food? It sounds like you will be moving into your new apartment today. Hope you all like it! It will be fun to hear about the new friends you all make while you are there....and the new customs you will learn. Have you learned any Armenian words yet? Keep posting.... I can't wait to hear more! ~gail nicholson

David said...

Hope Armenia is fun!
Please keep writing and i'll keep reading!