Monday, February 12, 2007

My experience at school

School is interesting

The school that Cole and I went to was not like Travis Heights Elementary school. The school is pretty big and it is not filled with furniture. It has big rooms for kids to go out into it for break to wait for there next teacher and play a game, kind of like recess.

I liked school. I thought it was O.K.
The first class I had was English (which was very easy because they were reading a paragraph that the class had to revise and edit. The paragraph was about a 3rd grade level, I think.) Then Armenian history, music and then Armenian.

For English class they were learning Britain English. As I said above they were revising and editing the paragraph. During that break I met a girl named Lilit, she was very nice and gave me a piece of candy. She spoke English to me.
The next class(Armenian History) was in Armenian so I did not understand a thing, except chim which means no.
After that I had music with 4th graders. They were very nice. The music teacher was nice. The lesson was the most interesting thing. The class room had desks. For the lesson the students sang and danced.
After that was Armenian. I left early because Armena picked me up. She watches Cole and me so I did not do much of that. My favorite class was English because I could understand it.

I think Cole's day was good but I am not sure.

Austin really likes his school. He says he can't wait till they bake a cake.



gaildn said...

My goodness! I am enjoying every day that you all write about! You all are so adventurous and so ready for each new challenge. Keep on writing!

grace cochran said...

Dear madison

I am glad you are all enjoying aemania.