Saturday, February 24, 2007

School today -- Saturday


Today I had school. The hours for school are about 5 hours a day, so they have school on Saturdays.

So today I had 5 classes. The classes were in this order, Math, History, Maps or something, Sewing and lastly I think it was manners.

In math we did math, I understood some of it but not as much as I usually do.

For history, the teacher obviouly talked about Armenian history, and passed around a couple of pictures. I was pretty bored in that class.

The next class witch was maps or something was pretty boring, ao I practiced my Armenian letters.

In sewing, I think the techer talked about length and stuff. They didn't sew, but I think they are doing it the next time.

The last class, manners was weird. I did not pay atention that much because someone was teaching me Armenian, but I did see the teacher teach like eating manners.

The last 2 classes (sewing and manners) were seperated. Boys do something else while girls do what I just said, sewing and manners.

For dinner we went over to Erica's house (one of the people mom works with). Another person mom works with is Amy. She has a dog and she brought it over. All of us were very excited to have a dog to play with. And the kids had pizza while the adults had egg plant parmeson. For dessert we had ice cream! This was the first time we had had ice cream in a month. The adults also got cake.

It was snowing when we were going to Erica's and now alot of things were covered. When we got home the boys went to bed and I started to type this.


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i wish i was there