Saturday, February 10, 2007

Going to the markets

Today all of us went to Republic Square. To get there we took the subway. The subway is very different from the subways in New York. First you have to buy your coin which you put in this machine. The coins cost 50 dram, about 13 cents a token. Once you put the token in the machine, you walk through and go down a very fast steep escalator. When you get to the bottom of the escalator you go to the middle of the stop. You go to the middle of the stop because the subway is not very long, maybe about 5 or 6 cars. I think what is very strange about how the system for the subway is here, is you can ride on as many stops as you want for the same price, 50 dram. Children 6 or 7 and under are free.

At Republic square we decided to go to this outdoor market where everything is, it is called the vernisage. They have all sorts of things there. For example... books in English, Russian, Armenian and French, handmade rugs, beautiful wood carvings like a violin with the strings and everything you would see on a violin and a wooden clock with tiny details like a bird and a flower. They also had remote controls, mechanical tools, parts of computers, kitchen supplies, beautiful paintings. What I liked the best was the puppies that people were trying to sell. Some of the puppies were two or three months old. There was this black poodle that reminded all of us of my grand mothers poodle that had recently died. The only thing with seeing full bred dogs being sold is that there are so many stray dogs that need a home.

We also went out to eat at a restraunt for lunch. We had pizza. On the menuthere was this pizza I had never seen or heard of, fried egg and bacon, we didn't get that we got cheese and mushroom black olive.

After the pizza we went to an inside market, like a farmers market. There was all these different kinds of fruit, some dried and some not, lavosh( a type of Armenian bread) there was meats and veggies. While my mom was picking out bananas I saw this woman holding a chicken by its feet, about to get killed. On our way out of the market we saw the place where the woman got the chicken. After that we decided when we go to a market not to eat before that because people give you samples of almost everything like Costco. We also decided that if we went to a resteraunt we would ask if we could have a to go box even if we didn't like the food and then we would feed it to the dogs.

That is about all we did today


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grace cochran said...

dear madison

its wierd that a lady was holdin a chicken by its legs!

from grace