Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Our trip

We went on a trip this weekend!!!

We deciced to go to a town called Tzatatzor. On our way there we saw a very old church. It was over a thousand years old. To get to the church you climbed up a lot of steps. Austin had a fit on the way up, so nana bribed him with some gum, he was the first one to get to the church. Once we were on the hill we could see all these mountains. In front of one mountain there was a lake named lake sevan. It was so big it looked like the ocean.

After that we went to Tzatatzor. We looked in three places and finally found a place to stay. At first this guy showed us a 200 doller per night room. Mommy said it was to big except I disagreed with her, it was the perfect size. Then we saw a smaller room, but larger then the ones in America. We decided to stay there.

The hotel served us all three meals. The times were all late for us. Breakfast, 9:00, Lunch at 2:00 and dinner at 7:00. The boys complained. While we were waiting for it to be seven, I taught Austin how to play checkers and chess. He had won the first game which was checkers, and was upset because he lost the game of chess. That day we went swimming in an indor swimming pool. it was about 5 feet deep all over, I was the only one who could touch because mom amd nana didn't get in.

The second day we walked all over town to get sleds. It took about 40 minutes all together, and soon we were back at the hotel. We had a good time. Me and Cole went to the very top of the hill. Cole was the first one to go down. He fell off into the snow. Once I was going down the sled I was ridding tipped and stoped and I was going down the hill on my bottom backwards. My bottom is still sore.

Mommy and nana got food poisning. They said they only slept for about 2 hours.

We got back on monday the 19th, mommy said we didn't have to go to school because it was Presidents day.


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Josh said...

Hi Guys -

I just caught up on everything you have been doing over the last few weeks. It sounds amazing! I am so impressed with all of you kids going to school and not understanding a thing. Just think -pretty soon you will know what everyone is saying and you will know a totally new language. That is very cool. And you are certainly getting a good look at the country which also sounds neat. Madisen - you will have to write a travel book. I think your descriptions are great and I would totally trust your opinion on things like what to eat and where to stay. Zagats better watch out!

We are all fine here. It snowed and iced a lot (although by Armenian standards it was nothing) and we were out of school for days. Ug.

Keep those updates coming!

Lori - you are awesome!

Melanie (and the rest of the Blanchards)